Donaldson 2
Members Only
Diary Event

1st Thomas Curwood 73 8 65 £25

2nd James Hannigan (BIH) 80 14 66 £20

Scr David Findlay (BIH) 71 £15

67 and better £5

1 Chris Carroll 2 Christopher Bartle 3 Alex Williamson
4 Alexander McLeish 5 Steven McGill 6 Paul R Burke
7 Mark Pirie 8 Iain Turpie 9 Hugh Straub
10 Marc Kelly

Magic 2s
1st Class

1 Brian Rae 2 Ben Paterson 3 Eamonn McGill
4 Mark Pirie 5 Alan McLaughlan 6 Joe Tallo

£10.00 each

2nd Class

1 Thomas Closs 2 Iain Turpie 3 Tommy Boyd
4 Hugh Connell

£22.00 each

3rd Class

1 John Callaghan (1)

£195.00 each

  • Donaldson Best 3 of 3
  • Donaldson Best 2 of 3
  • Donaldson 3 Results
  • Ladies Club Championship Round 2
  • Orbiston Salver
  • Tuesday Medal 20th July 21
  • Gibson Bogey (Fri/Sat)
  • Tuesday Medal 13th July 21
  • Donaldson 2
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28.04.2021 07:22
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Preferred lies off. A few residents have been on the phone blazing about our members parking in the Community Road parking bays , I know is lawful but they were made for off street parking for them , I certainly wouldn’t want the rath from them Our own parking needs to be tightened up as our cars are all over the ship Please once again don’t block the access road to the cottage ,off the 1st We will open the gates to the greenshed area when our staff have left and we can use that are tomorrow. Obrigado
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