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'Love this club.

Play Mary's Meals every so often.

Great people, great atmosphere and a bit of a test of golf too! '

Firstly I would like to thank the Green staff for the overall presentation and condition of the golf course. It truly is in excellent condition and well defined.

I have recently become a member of this club on a country membership due to me living in England still. I am however due to move back on a permanent basis to this area next year or possibly sooner and would like to continue my association with the club for several basic but very fundamental reasons.

Bellshill golf course is very good course and presented in an excellent way with great greens. Secondly the membership, it truly is a members club.

I was very fortunate to be a category 1 golfer for 25 years and ex two time club champion. During these years I not only played in national amateur events through work but I would also play in open events to improve my golf, this gave me a true appreciation of how good my own course at Maidenhead in Berkshire was. I think it's fair in saying golfers who don't travel tend to not appreciate so much what they actually have on their doorstep and are very quick to criticise

A golf course is only as good as its greens, perhaps an English saying but one that's stuck with me the last thirty years in my golfing travels.

Bellshill has excellent greens with a good speed on them and I truly hope this continues in the future.
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13.04.2019 06:58
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Course Open All main greens in play Preferred lies closely mown areas only Please follow signs and use footpaths where possible Gents on the Trolleys we would prefer if you could possibly use your Winter Wheels for the time being , and if not please take extra care and avoid the wet and soft areas of the course - try and keep trolleys on fairways only.
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